xCharts–building your own beautiful custom charts and graphs

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xCharts is a JavaScript library for building beautiful and custom data-driven chart visualizations for the web using D3.js. Using HTML, CSS, and SVG, xCharts are designed to be dynamic, fluid, and open to integrations and customization.

There are examples for your reference.

How to use it:

  1. Download and include D3.js on your page.
  2. Download and include xcharts.js and xcharts.css on your page.
  3. Configure your data using xChart’s Data Format.
  4. Add an element to your page to display your chart:
    <figure id="myChart"></figure>
  5. Create your chart:
    var myChart = new xChart('bar', data, '#myChart');

For more details, please view the documentation.

The source on github.

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