Top 3 free open source tools to Synchronize files and folders


Compare Advance

Folder compare, synchronize and backup utility

Compare Advance software represents a very easy to use folder compare utility with powerful features that enable you to quickly and easily see the differences between two folders and resolve those differences.

Compare Advance is ideal for someone who wants fine control over a backup or folder synchronize process.

Compare any two folders from the local hard drive, removable media (CD, DVD’s) or over the network, and easily see the differences between them. Unique views, folder coloring, summary node and highlighting features make picking up all the differences quick and easy. Then copy or delete files as necessary to resolve the differences.

Synchronize files between your desktop and laptop computers. First compare the desired folders from each computer and then resolve the differences with the advanced synchronization dialog, which makes it easy to see what each action will involve.
Download a free 30 day trial version to see for yourself what Compare Advance can do.

Backup your important files and folders to the destination of your choice, uncompressed or as a zip archive file. A detailed log report records which files have been copied, from where to where, and notifies you if any errors have occured.

Advance. Compare Advance introduces a new feature called “Archive Folder Filtering”, which in some cases can save you many megabytes of space. Don’t backup folders which are simply extracted archive files.

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FreeFileSync helps you synchronize files and synchronize folders being a completely free Open Source software. Its design is focussed on user productivity and runtime performance to help get your work done quickly without getting in the way.

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SyncToy is a free application that synchronizes files and folders between locations. Typical uses include sharing files, such as photos, with other computers and creating backup copies of files and folders.

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