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Esplanade, a modern and stylish theme featuring a responsive layout with a slick and streamlined design but powered by a powerful code base and a flexible options page offering lots of featured and control. Esplanade is an advanced and highly flexible WordPress theme. You will find options that allow you to customize the layout, design elements, color schemes and typography along with traditional WordPress functionality like custom menus and post thumbnails. How good does that sound? If this is the theme you’ve been looking for keep reading to find out all the amazing things it has to offer.


This theme comes feature-packed with things you usually see in premium themes, so don’t get shocked. Here’s a list of everything it has to offer:

  • Blog View & Grid View
  • Responsive Layout
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Post Formats
  • Audio & Video playback
  • One-click enabling and disabling of website sections
  • Multiple layout options and custom page templates
  • Drag-and-drop editing of layout dimensions
  • Choose from multiple color schemes
  • Custom fonts and advanced typography options
  • SEO-ready and options that give you control over code semantics
  • Clean, organized and documented code


Featured Post Slider

The slider handles sticky posts as featured. If the slider option is enabled
sticky posts will be displayed in the slider and the main loop will ignore them.
If the option is disabled the loop will display normally, with sticky posts on top.

Grid and Blog View

The theme comes with 2 view modes: Grid and Blog.
The Grid mode is similar to a web magazine and shown only on the front page.
Secondary pages display in blog view.
You can override this behavior in theme options.

Post Thumbnail Functionality

Post Thumbnails appear only in post lists, not on single posts.
They can be set by choosing “Set as Featured Image” when uploading an image.

Image Post Format

Posts with the image format will display the last attached image in a caption.
If a post thumbnail is set, this one will appear instead.

Gallery Post Format

Posts with the gallery format will display the first 6 attached images, on 3 columns,
and also offers a lightbox for full screen preview.
On single pages images from the gallery shortcode display in a lightbox.

Audio & Video Post Formats

Posts with the audio & video post format will display the attached media files
in a HTML5

Other Post Formats

Posts with the aside, status & quote post formats will displayed with no title;
the status post format will display the user’s avatar, in a mannersimilar to Twitter;
the quote post format will only display the post’s first <blockquote> tag.
Posts with the link post format will link out to the first tag in the post.

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