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A stylish and modern minimalist theme with a beautiful image gallery slider and an optional blog view. With support for post formats, audio and video playback, ideal for showcasing photography portfolios or podcasting but also great for your everyday blogging.

The theme comes with two view modes: a gallery view for photoblogging and the classical blog view. Supports post thumbnails, the all-new WordPress 3.1 post formats and takes them a step further by offering audio & video playback.


Here’s a list of the features this theme comes with. More information about each feature is presented below:

  • Gallery & Blog View
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Post Formats
  • Audio & Video playback
  • Clean, organized & documented code (yes, it’s a feature)


Post Thumbnail Functionality

By default, Post Thumbnails will appear when posts are being viewed in gallery mode, in blog mode and also in single posts. Post Thumbnails will not work for pages

Image Post Format

Posts with the image format will display the last attached image on top of the post. The last attached image should not appear in the post content to avoid duplicate display.

Gallery Post Format

Posts with the gallery format will display a gallery of attached images, on 3 columns, and also offers a lightbox for full screen preview. Posts with the gallery format should not use the [ gallery ] shortcode to avoid duplicate display.

Audio & Video Post Formats

Posts with the audio & video post format will display the attached media files in a HTML5 <audio> tag with flash fallback. If more than one media file is attached to the post, then these will be used as fallback sources.

Aside & Link Post Formats

Posts with the aside & link post formats will be displayed as normal posts, but can be shown in the Ephemera widget in the sidebar.


The Theme includes a custom Widget, Ephemera, that can be used to display a list of the aside & link posts. The widget was copied from the Duster Theme.


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