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A Vitamin Plus is a new Drupal Template by Themes Drupal. It is based on my previous template called A Vitamin. This new template inherits the same layout but with a different CSS. Moreover it is available in two color variants:

  • A Vitamin Plus+
  • A Vitamin Plus+ Orange

Clean and simple code

The template source code is clean and easy to understand. You can easily customize it.

The template is structured in many regions:

  • Header (#header).
  • Preface (#preface).
  • Content (#content).
  • Postscript (#postscript).
  • Sidebar Left (#sidebar_left).
  • Sidebar Right (#sidebar_right).
  • Footer (#footer).

A Vitamin Plus+ Orange Sub-Template:

An orange Sub-Template is also available and more color variations will come in future (maybe).

Regions map

On the demo website the header region has been used for a slideshow using the views_slideshow module.

Theme Demo and Download

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